Ironman foam cell pro installation


As the amount of gear that you put on there will affect the suspension. I always protect the rig before lifting. There are a plethora of choices when it comes to lifting your 4Runner.

If you are new to lifting your 4Runner, check out this guide first or for some inspiration, check out these 10 Lifted 4Runners. For the longest time, I had my heart on the coveted Icon Suspension Stage 6.

After talking Suspension budget with my wife, I got a solid FU on their price point. After having my hopes crushed, I started to rethink what I am really going to be doing in my rig? And with any build, I would always suggest starting with the end in mind. For my ride it is a daily driver and weekend warrior first, then second it tackles longer week-long adventures in the backcountry. I am not going to be thrashing whoops on the Baja or crunching steel on Moab Boulders.

As my research dug deeper into actual user comments and I started to peel away marketing hype, I came to a conclusion: there are very few differences in any of the technology out there and what difference is there comes from racing technology. I want to find the perfect balance in plush ride and control, both on and off-road, also without breaking the bank.

This led me to Ironman 4X4an Australian company that has been in business for over 60 years which is now breaking on to the US scene. In all the products that they had on display, I did take note of their Pro Cell Suspension since it was different from what I was used to.

ironman foam cell pro installation

He started the company building suspensions for the Australian military. They use a piece of closed-cell foam that acts the same as the gas-filled, however, it allows the shock to be filled with oil. More oil means more heat dissipation and takes more abuse to cavitate. Cavitation is when the oil begins to create bubbles from the valving process. Every shock, no matter the company, can have this occur with enough abuse, think miles and miles of corrugated roads.

Foam Cell Pro Shocks

The Foam Cell Shocks limit this by, not only filling the shock with oil but also having a larger shock and thus even more volume and cooling surface. Another benefit to not having gas is the fact that you can now rebuild your shock at home vs sending them out or taking them to a shop. Ironman 4X4 has two types of foam cell shocks.

I also had Ironman 4X4 prebuild the coilovers as I hate messing with the cheapy spring compressors. The install is fairly standard with a few specific details that need to be observed with the placement of the shocks. Note: If you are interested in how Ironman sets the coilovers, then check out their video here. After jacking up the 4Runner and removing the tires, remove the front sway bar mounts and bunged the bar out of the way.

I installed the relocation bracket since I was there but this can be done later. This bracket will move the sway bar forward and give more room to the larger springs. I added Loctite to the bolts. Disconnect the brake lines from the upper control arm and steering knuckle to create more room to work.Probably the power and torque.

You want a good ride comfort from A to Band handling predictable responsiveness to control. For 4X4s, the list gets a bit longer and more difficult compared to a roadcar. We have an especial need for strength — resistance to damage and impact. Our suspension must also work over a wider range of loads, perhaps from a weight of to kg. But if heat is generated more quickly than can be dissipated, then the shock heats up to the point where the damping no longer works effectively, affecting both ride and handling, leading ultimately to a complete shock failure.

So suspension, especially for 4X4s, is complicated and requires a lot of compromises. Nevertheless, what would you do if you had a clean sheet for a design, the budget to do what you wanted and decades of experience in designing and supplying suspension? You and I can only imagine, but three years ago that was the reality for Ironman 4X4. The result is the Foam Cell Pro, and the concept of a foam cell shock will need some introduction. You could solve the problem by leaving an air gap, but air heats up easily, mixes with oil aeration and that ruins the damping as the valves are designed for oil, not a mix of air and oil.

ironman foam cell pro installation

The way good shocks are designed is typically to use a compressible, but heat-resistant gas such as nitrogen so when the piston goes down, the gas is compressed.

Both monotube and twintube shocks work on that same basic principle. A foam cell shock is a bit different. It is a twin-tube design, but instead of pressurised gas it uses a foam layer made of cells filled with nitrogen which compress when the piston enters the shock cylinder, and decompress when it exits.

One advantage of this design is that the oil is spread more evenly around the shock body, as distinct from the gas solution which compresses the gas into a small area of the shock. On the other hand, as the gas in a non-foam shock heats up it expands. This puts the oil under pressure which raises its boiling point. This cannot happen in a foam cell shock, which is why foam cells are typically larger volume to compensate. So Ironman were faced with a choice — monotube, twintube, or foam cell.

Ironman have been making foam cell shocks for years and not experienced this problem. This again is incorrect because unlike a normal twin-tube which has gas atop the oil with no barrier, the gas inside the cells of foam cannot mix with the oil. As foam cells are a form of twin-tube, then if the outer tube is damaged unlikely the shock still works.

That said, a well-made monotube is extremely hard to dent! One reason not to go for a monotube was cost and longevity — monos have gas under high-pressure, which creates stress for seals and increases manufacturing costs. A remote-canister shock was a possibility, but quickly discounted as while the design offers the advantage of improving fade resistance through good heat dissipation, it is expensive, can be difficult to package, and the engineers felt that a large-bore foam cell could meet the needs of even heavy-duty recreational users.

So with the basic design of a foam cell locked in, Ironman next looked at how to make the shocks stronger and better. They started with a 3mm steel outer body, added a one-piece mount base, put a degree weld on the eye ring, used a 20mm chrome piston rod and made dual independent seals around the piston. The piston shroud is made of HPDE, a super-tough plastic, and the metal parts are treated electrophoretically EDP which is more like a plating process than painting.

That took care of strength and durability. The next objective was useful features. Here we find rubber bushings where the shock connects to the mount points for good NVH noise, vibration and harshness. Where the shocks are designed within a coil spring coilover then the coil mount is on a threaded spring seat, so you can adjust the ride height of the vehicle easily without needing to change springs.

Ironman also claim the threads provide a heatsink effect. The coilovers also feature a rubber rather than metal spring seat cushion, again for NVH purposes. Then we come to the size. Ironman make much of the size of the Pros, and in general what sells in the 4X4 industry is bigger and stronger.

So why is a bigger shock better, is there a downside, and at what point do we stop making shocks larger and larger?Remember Me? Site Navigation. Originally Posted by Mike07SE. These shocks are huuuge. And yes they are close, but have not had any contact issues.

It is imperative that the rear FCP's are mounted with the correct orientation otherwise they will hit. As mentioned in my write-up, it's a very good idea to review the FCP install YouTube video that they do where it covers this topic. Wish I would have waited on buying 's cause I think this would be a much better suspension upgrade. Attached Images. Originally Posted by Gonecamping. Got it back from alignment today. Here are the numbers and the recommended numbers from Ironman.

Untitled by redrunner87on Flickr Untitled by redrunner87on Flickr. Member's Picture Albums. Why does the stage 2 pro come with the sway bar relocation brackets and the nitro stage 2 does not? I'm leaning towards the nitro's since I will mostly be street and fire road driving. Last edited by ElJefe; at AM. Run Forrest Run. Originally Posted by ElJefe. I'm leaning towards the nitro's since I will most be street and fire road driving.

Originally Posted by Run Forrest Run. The Foam Cell Pro shocks are so large, the sway bar is relocated slightly forward to ensure there is no contact with the Shock body. I noticed on their site that a swaybar relocation kit is required, I was messaging with someone on the ironman site the phone always goes to VM and they mentioned that for Non-KDSS its a replacement bracket only moves it forward not down vs.

Can someone please confirm that this is the case? If so, do you know far forward it is moves the swaybar? My concern is that the swaybar will make contact with the skid and I dont think i can add spacer to mine Artec Belly Pan.

Originally Posted by FishNerd.

Do you want me to take a picture of the sway bar and factory skid plate? You can get an idea of how it sits. This is so helpful and greatly appreciated! It looks like it may just work, fingers crossed. Now hopefully they still have stock left.Remember Me? Site Navigation.

I have been seeing more and more people ordering the Ironman Foam Cell Pro lift but haven't seen a consolidated thread on the product. They are popular in Australia but don't have a strong foothold here in the US. Looks like they are gaining a little bit of traction with the 5th Gen 4Runner crowd. If you have the lift this is the thread to post in.

Foam Cell technology removes the Nitro-Gas from the equation, filling the shock absorber with oil.

Ironman Foam Cell Pro 4” + accessories install plus review

Foam cell technology also decreases the strain on the shock by removing the Nitro-gas, this removes internal pressure on the seals and increases the service life of the strut, allowing the Foam Cell Pro's to work at peak performance for much longer than any other suspension out there. When it is time for a service, the Foam Cell Pro shock absorbers are completely rebuildable. These are popular on ih8mud with the GX crowd as well. I've heard a lot of good things about them from others as well.

They sound like a good option for those that want a good performing shock without necessarily the adjustability of a race shock. I'd like to hear more user experiences about them too. Actually have been eyeing them for my next set up. Originally Posted by SpeedyKevin. I have had exactly zero issues with them.

At the time, I really couldn't find many people who ran them on their 4Runner. I was looking for something adjustable, but also very low maintenance and robust without overpaying for racing shocks that I didn't need; the FCPs really fit the bill here. I read too many anecdotes about Bilsteins leaking or the shaft pulling out of the eyelet. OME seemed to ride harsh and wasn't adjustable. I had no desire for the extra complexity of monotube racing shocks with external reservoirs. These things are hefty in size and weight.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Ironman 4X4 Stage 2 Foam Cell Suspension Installation for 3rd Gen Tacoma

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Finally got around to installing some Ironman 4x4 America goodies on my daily driven 80 series. I received the kit along with all of the inventory that we ordered, and the first thing I noticed was the lime green springs.

ironman foam cell pro installation

I personally hate lime green anything so that was the first thing to go. Personally I dislike their logo, colors, and look of most of their products. More install pictures:. Thanks for the write up! Are the logos on the shocks removable? Joe Link said:. Joined Apr 18, Messages 96 Location Wyoming. Other than the control box, any other opinion on the winch? Would you choose it over a warn?

So far you'd choose Iron Man over Old Man? Ntgm37 said:. Joined Feb 14, Messages Location Motor city. KennyG said:. I want to get out and actually test the winch before I really say if I dislike it or not. But as for suspension I love the Ironman so far.Live Chat with us to get the best deals on gear for your rig!

Don't see something listed online? Give us a call Ironman 4x4. Notify me when this product is available: Notify me when this product is available:. The Pro Forge UCAs feature drop forged construction resulting in improved strength to weight ratios, increased directional strength with reduced stress concentrations in corners and filets.

We Test The New Ironman 4X4 Foam Cell Pro Shock Absorber

The precision of drop forging consistently results in superior in strength, weight savings, and manufacturing tolerances when compared to machined, rolled, or other cast processes. This zinc coating provides maximum effectiveness at warding off the oxidation that typically leads to rust and corrosion. We use OEM style ball joints and bushings that are tested and manufactured to strict Japanese specifications that are readily available at every dealership and parts store.

This supreme suspension was initially developed for the US military with a specific brief to produce the most durable, dependable shock absorber possible. Foam Cell Pro had to be capable of handling very heavy up-armored Toyota Land Cruisers and other operational vehicles in incredibly remote locations, hot climates, and rugged terrain. A shock typically fades as the internal temperature increases, oil and Nitro-gas emulsify; under consistent use, this can lead to complete failure.

Foam Cell technology removes the Nitro-Gas from the equation, filling the shock absorber with oil. Foam cell technology also decreases the strain on the shock by removing the Nitro-gas, this removes internal pressure on the seals and increases the service life of the strut, allowing the Foam Cell Pro's to work at peak performance for much longer than any other suspension out there.

When it is time for a service, the Foam Cell Pro shock absorbers are completely rebuildable. Sign up for the MLO Newsletter to get the inside line on new campers, trailers, vehicle parts and kits, and more cutting-edge overland travel applications:. Menu 0.

Add to Cart. Features: This supreme suspension was initially developed for the US military with a specific brief to produce the most durable, dependable shock absorber possible.Discussion in ' Suspension ' started by Devir7Oct 1, Log in or Sign up. Tacoma World. Welcome to Tacoma World! You are currently viewing as a guest! To get full-access, you need to register for a FREE account. Quick Links: Toyota Pickup 's 6" lift help Front strut assembly Finished front install but just noticed something Pro Comp Lift Advice for Lift.

Post Reply. After putting some miles on my truck with the Ironman Foam Cell Pro stage 1 kit, with performance load. When I bought mine they only had performance and constant. The now offer both of those in either 2. The 2. I wanted to give a review. This kit does not have a huge presence in TacomaWorld but does have a pretty large following for other makes and models. Checked after a few weeks of install. More on setting later.

Ok, getting to it. The Foam Cell Pro kit uses foam in place of nitrogen for pressure. Well, you have neutral pressure in the shocks and struts. They also offer a nitrogen kit.


I bought mine when it was on sale with the coils unbuilt. The kit included springs, struts, shocks, full leaf packs, sway bar spacers, carrier bearing spacer, bushings for leaf ends only and new ubolts and nut. They also sent me some swag. During shipping UPS lost one of the leaf packs and after once I contacted Ironman the sent a replacement. Installation was pretty straight forward, once the coils were built. If you plan on having a shop built them or building them yourself, make sure you have the right tools.

The spring compressors you can rent from AutoZone and Advance Auto did not work for me. Once that huddle was done the rest of the install was straight forward. When I measured the truck center of hub to fender before install, with a full tank of gas I was at drivers side front I measured 3 times since it was less than most others at stock height.

I measured from center bolt hole to bottom of the spring perch, not where the bottom of the spring is, like I should have. I originally wanted to lift my truck 2. I checked full droop and extension stopped before stock UCA hit the spring. The ride- Overall, like most kits it outperforms the stock kit.

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