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Are fake followers clogging your social media accounts? Chances are you have some fake followers on Instagram and Twitter. You might even be following some fake accounts, yourself. Fake followers on social media accounts clutter your stream, reduce your engagement, expose you and your legitimate followers to phishing or spam and put you at risk for having your account deleted.

Does someone you follow seem to have a suspiciously high number of followers? You can use these tools to check their accounts, too. The folks at Status People developed the Fakers app to check fake and empty Twitter accounts. This tool allows you to easily see how many fake or empty accounts follow youas well as check on the competition.

How to Find and Remove Fake Followers from Twitter and Instagram

On the Status People website, click Connect to Twitter to begin. The report even shows the Twitter handles of some of my fake followers. The free account allows for unlimited checks on your Twitter handle, plus eight free searches for friends or competitors, and the basic analytics I mentioned above.

The basic account adds unlimited searches and advanced analytics. It also allows you to manually block fake accounts and track up to five friends. With the premium account, you can auto-block fake accounts and track up to 15 friends. Fakefollowers is one of the free tools at Socialbakers, the social analytics company. This tool will check a random sample of of your followers against a list of criteriaincluding follower-to-following ratio, red flag spammy words, a high percentage of tweets that are retweets or links and more.

After you grant access to your Twitter account, you can view an analysis of your Twitter followers. Want to improve your engagement and sales with Facebook? Then join the largest and best gathering of Facebook marketing experts as they share their proven strategies.

Become the Facebook marketing hero for your company and clients as you implement strategies that get proven results. This is a live online training event from your friends at Social Media Examiner. You can block those accounts by clicking the Block All button. Fakefollowers is free to use. You can check up to 10 times a day, which is recommended if you have a large following.

unfollow ghost followers twitter

It works by taking a random sample of 5, followers from the Twitter account making it great for large accounts and assigns a score to each follower based on the ratio of followers to following, the number of tweets and the date of the last tweet from the account.I treat my social media accounts like I treat my home, as social-media platform are now an integral part of our lives. More over, I tend to keep things simple and to the point. On Twitter I follow many people and interact with them, some of them are still active and many of them stop using their Twitter account.

Thus here are few Twitter Tools which will help you to unfollow inactive Twitter users. Before you unfollow all of them, you can set filters to refine your list and now you can start removing them. I like the simple and user-friendly layout of this tool. It becomes very easy to unfollow tweeps who are not active with just selecting the checkbox. More over you can also find those twitter account which have only zero tweets.

Do you know Twitter can delete a Twitter account is it has been inactive for 6 months. Go to Untweeps. After logging in you will see a screen like above image, and you can select the days for which a Twitter account which you are following have not made any single status update.

You can select multiple accounts from the inactive list and click on unfollow tweeps to unfollow them in bulk. ManageFlitter is a multi-purpose Twitter app which let you do many things. Let me first talk about unfollow feature and later I will also share few other features which I discovered about this tool. Go to ManageFlitter. This way you can quickly identify profile and you can batch select and unfollow them.

Do share with us which tool you use to unfollow inactive users on Twitter. Subscribe on YouTube.

unfollow ghost followers twitter

I got two different results from two different tools for the same timeline. Now this is strange. One tip that I do. I run it then I copy. Again another good collection of Twitter tools that will save me lots of time when I do my monthly inactive user clear out.

Twitcleaner works best for me. I have also heard a lot about untweeps and now looking to try my hands on it. Why would you want to unfollow inactive users eespecially if you are using Twitter to promote your business and get links. You would want maximum exposure for your tweets. As far as de-cluttering the time line is concerned, Twitter now provides you the facility of creating lists.

How To Remove Ghost / Inactive Followers on Instagram 2020! WORKING 100%

So you can create any number of lists like say for instance, Friends, Gurus, etc… or however you want it and add people from your followers to those lists. Then when you click the list you can see the tweets of only those people whom you have added to the list.

That way you can follow those whom you really want to follow and know about. The primary reason to unfollow inactive users is because of follower limits. If you are following too many inactive users, there may be cases in which you are unable to follow active users.

Even though it is a 5 year old comment.Jump to navigation. There are many reasons why brands, influencers and average Joes choose to purchase their "following". E-commerce companies did it to appear more reputable and trustworthy in the eyes of their consumers. Influencers did it to look more Depending on how big your faux following is, you could be the fringes of committing fraud. And even if you don't purchase fake followers, you can still accumulate ghost and 'bot followers without realising it.

Here are a few tips when it comes to "cleaning out" your social media accounts from 'bots, fake and ghost followers. Cleaner for Instagram is one app that can be very helpful in removing unwanted followers real or fake. Essentially, the app allows users to mass block ghost followers on Instagram — the only way to remove fake followersfrom your profile.

In addition to this feature, the Cleaner for Instagram also allows users to mass unfollow and unblock other accounts, mass unlike posts, and keeps track of all your actions in an activity log.

Unlike Instagram, there is no third party app that acts as a one-stop-shop. First, you need to take a hard look at your followers and figure out who is fake. We recommend using a combination of Fakers from Status People, Twitter Audit, and Bot or Not to analyse your following — all three are free to access.

Doing this will force the fake accounts to unfollow your Twitter account. It may take some time, as you will need to individually block each fake follower. The good news is Twitter does not cap the amount of users you can block in a day. You really have limited options. The best thing to do, if you want to be honest going forward, is to delete your Twitter account and start over from scratch.

What are your thoughts on influencers and brands purchasing fake followers? Let us know in the comments below. Bought fake followers in the past? Here's how to get rid of them Tips for cleaning out "ghost followers" from your Instagram and Twitter accounts.

By Laura Andrea Kell. We promise we won't judge you. Video is known to be the best performing content across all social platforms, and here's how you can maximize engagement! Enhance Your Marketing Campaign with these tips and tricks!

Communication is key, and GIFs have found a way to be a part of it.Ghost followers and friends are inactive accounts that do not engage with your Twitter account.

These accounts could be made by spammers or by bots and they just follow you on Twitter while never interacting with your account. Now, the question is, how can you distinguish between ghost, bot, fake, and inactive Twitter followers and friends?

I would say that none of them really contribute to your tweets in any way. They add to your Twitter following numbers with no benefit of actually following them or being followed by them. Firstly, because they are inactive or dead accounts, you have no reason to follow them.

You do not see any valuable content from them or maybe any content at all. A quick calculation would tell you that almost of your followers have been worthless while you have been expecting retweets and likes from them. And, remove ghost Twitter followers.

Tools like Circleboom can easily help you in removing inactive and fake accounts from your Twitter. In fact, Circleboom even has a free plan to help you remove ghost Twitter friends. Circleboom makes it really easy for you to get rid of all inactive accounts and bots. The tool is a huge time saver.

I hope the article above will help you clean your account and boost your Twitter engagement. Social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.

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Is that even a thing? Can you unlike all tweets from Twitter in a few seconds? Yes, you can, and that too by following very simple steps. Can you Bulk Delete Twitter Likes? Yes, in just 2 steps! Want to bulk delete Twitter likes? At such times, using a tool that can quickly delete Twitter likes for you can be most bene…. Upload your tweet archive, select your criteria to filter it, and delete your Twitter history.Sign-In with Twitter.

with Login Prompt.

Bought fake followers in the past? Here's how to get rid of them

Easily manage your followers, catch your nonfollowers and unfollowers. All handy features supported with amazing graphs. Works same on every device and platform. Beautiful, full of graphs and stats. Check our dashboard once a day to get some info about your grow. Find them and Unfollow with a simple click! Simply, No. We don't post anything on behalf of you.

But, if you want to share your stats with your followers, you can use Share on Twitter buttons in various places in our App. Reach us, we will try our best to make it right!

Unfollower Stats uses the Twitter API, displays it's logo and trademarks, but is not endorsed or certified by them.

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All Rights Reserved. Unfollower Stats Right way to manage your Twitter account, Start your free membership within seconds. Track your Unfollowers! Your stats are supported with awesome graphs to see your ups and downs easily.

Amazing Features All handy features supported with amazing graphs. Unfollowers Our main duty. Best feature. We find your unfollowers even notify you with our Mobile Apps! NonFollowers Reveal people who don't follow you back. Fans Find your followers, give them a follow back. Inactives Discover inactive or egghead accounts.

Give them a unfollow maybe? Dashboard Beautiful, full of graphs and stats. What's on air? Some answers you might wonder. What is Unfollower Stats? Does Unfollower Stats post spam tweets? How long can I use the Free version?

You can use Free Version as long as you want. There will be some Ads and Limitations tho. Happy Clients. Our Plans Choose a plan for your need!

Start with Free Plan without Credit Card requirement.Over 1, people trust Tweepi's easy to use Twitter unfollow tool to easily unfollow undesirable users, egg profiles or unwanted avatars, so you can get more followers.

Quickly and easily find users you currently follow and find who to unfollow. Tweepi enables you to unfollow those users fast. Twitter has limits on following users. Stay within those limits by unfollowing extras. Use Tweepi's powerful, yet easy to use Twitter unfollow tool to help you save a lot of time and money managing and growing your following on Twitter.

Instead of spending many hours of your time trying to figure out who to unfollow people not following you, Tweepi's unfollow tool will show you all your friends and followers and allow you to filter out irrelevant users that provide no value to you or your brand, such as unfollowers, egg profiles, nasty avatars, or other undesirable people you would want to unfollow on Twitter.

People and brands of all sizes trust and use Tweepi's unfollow tool everyday simply to clean up their Twitter account s and unfollow people on Twitter that don't follow follow back, are not engaging, spammers, and many other reasons.

By unfollowing people not following you, you'll be able to follow other people that matter more, so you can keep growing your following. Our unfollow tool will help you spend only a few minutes of your time, so you can concentrate on doing the things you like most, while you easily unfollow unfollowers, users with no value to you, along with any other reasons to unfollow people on Twitter, so your following continues to grow quick and easy with followers that matter more to you.

unfollow ghost followers twitter

Terms of Use Refunds Privacy. Toggle navigation. Get Tweepi's Twitter Unfollow Tool Over 1, people trust Tweepi's easy to use Twitter unfollow tool to easily unfollow undesirable users, egg profiles or unwanted avatars, so you can get more followers. Sign Up Already a user? Tweepi's Twitter unfollow tool has been featured in Read more Tweepi reviews and testimonials. Stay Connected with Tweepi. Loading Tweepi Trouble loading Tweepi? Please report it.Following someone can get old when you know they aren't following back.

Easily look through, and unfollow the people who don't follow you back. People will only follow you for so long without a follow back before they unfollow you. Keeping more followers is easy if you follow people back. You followed them, they followed you, now you're following each other. Make your social connections stronger by staying engaged with your mutual followers. Clicking that block button feels really good at the time.

What about when things cool down? Look through the people you've blocked and decide if they are still worth blocking. When people get active, it's easy to mute them.

When you realize that you miss seeing their tweets, unmute them and bring them back into your timeline. Private accounts are like private parties Eventually you stop requesting to be part of the cool crowd.

Track Twitter Unfollowers Who. Giving you the option to unfollow, or follow, as you see fit. Unfollowers Uh oh! These people used to follow you, and now they don't. It's just that simple. New Followers Hey Look!

New Followers! Give them a follow back and say hello at the same time. Connections Are people following you back?

Are you following them back? Do you follow each other? Not Following Me Back Following someone can get old when you know they aren't following back. I'm Not Following Back People will only follow you for so long without a follow back before they unfollow you.

We Follow Each Other You followed them, they followed you, now you're following each other. Who I've Blocked Clicking that block button feels really good at the time. Who I've Muted When people get active, it's easy to mute them. Pending Follow Requests Private accounts are like private parties

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